your’e stronger than you were yesterday!

your’e stronger than you were yesterday!


Who the world see’s isn’t as good as who YOU see

J a Mother of 3 & known to many as GETBODIEDBYJ, an Inspiration and she’s been inspiring women since 2005 as a fitness coach! Over 200,000 women have joined her online programs & Pop up classes around the world!

J has lived her life very publicly and is very relatable to women who always haven’t lived the cookie cutter life, she’s not afraid to be vulnerable. She’s gone through hell and back since a teenager & some how has always managed to put the pieces together.

2018 for J was by far her toughest year and J’s still gathering the pieces from those events that almost took her life. But don’t count her out! More online programs, Bodied Pop Ups & Classes Coming!

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